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On 6/29/20 7:50 AM, Mark Lause wrote:
This goes again to a lack of organization in the movement.  It seems to me that virtually anyone can present themselves can act in the name of BLM or be treated as a spokesperson of BLM.

This would have been more of an issue prior to George Floyd's murder. There have been more than TWO THOUSAND protests as documented in this map:


By and large, there was no counterpart to Jack Barnes or Ahmed Shawki sending instructions out to local BLM organizers to carry them out. Johnson demonizes these protests by referring to people like DeRay Mckesson cashing in. You get the same kind of analysis from Cory Morningstar who wrote 25,000 words demonizing Greta Thunberg because her tour was funded by corporations. You might as well denounce Lenin for taking that ride on a German train.

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