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The point is not whether you have individual leaders issuing instructions.
Quite the reverse\.  The rebirth of BLM after the Floyd murder makes this
issue all the more important.  In part, this is because the larger an
unmarshalled demonstration becomes the easier it is for right-wingers or
police agents to shape what happens.   We've seen it happen.  More
substantively, it's because it shows the potential for it to have an even
greater impact with larger numbers.

When the new wave of demonstrations started, the organizers decided to keep
everything a secret.  No call went out, not even at the last minute for
people to show up a particular location and time.  It was kept, as
explained to me, "private information" so as to "catch the police by
surprise."  Later, there were several demonstrations called publicly by
different groups, including the DSA.  These are flip sides of the same
coin.  The point is to unite in a principled way the largest numbers we
can, and to engage participants to get involved in organizing the next such

Things have improved here and there, as they will with experience . . .
But this is going to be a very uneven process.  I'm terribly encouraged by
the fact that Democrats haven't coaxed them into a political domesticity
yet, as they did so easily with the bulk of Occupy.  The pressure is going
to increase and we can't be surprised if they do successfully blight these
efforts.  But the issue will survive as will the experience.  I am fairly
confident a President Biden will have less benefit of the doubt than Obama
had, so it could be a terribly interesting administration.

. . . But let's hold off on our Lenin analogies until we see what pulls
into Finland Station.
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