"Capital does not consist in the fact that accumulated labor serves living  
labor as a means for new production. It consists in the fact that living 
labor  serves accumulated labor as the means of preserving and multiplying its 
exchange  value." 
The Communist society thesis. 
Communism society as an economic system, a complex of production and  
distribution or a mode of production, is the anti-thesis of capital. Communist  
society is "accumulated labor" serving living labor as the means of 
multiplying  productive forces and the cultural life of our species. 
Communism is a sovereign birth right - social contract, that guarantees  
"socially necessary means of life" to the individual at birth, as they exist 
in  real time or without a prior demand and surrender of a quantum of labor. 
The degree of development of means of production, define the magnitude of  
"socially necessary means of life" delivered to the individual at birth and  
without a prior surrender of a quantum of labor. 
Capital is the dominated of living labor by dead - accumulated labor.  
Capital demands a surrender of a quantum of labor - work, as the  
"economic-political" basis of the social contract, and means to acquire 
necessary means of life. One acquires socially necessary means of life with  
which in turn is acquired by a paycheck received from being paid wages.  
Communism is the anti-thesis of the bourgeois social contract. 
The degree to which socially necessary means of life can be delivered to  
the individual is ultimately bound up with the degree of development of means 
of  production. 

We are born into an existing state of development of means of production,  
mode of distribution, political superstructure, ritual culture and the  
underlying division of labor buttressing our species life activity. No society  
is sustained by its working population, living labor. Rather accumulated 
labor -  dead labor, is the platform on which society reproduction takes place. 
Ones  actual state of development of productive forces is the measure for 
making a  general determination of what is requires for the continuous 
reproduction of  "socially necessary means of life." 
Economic communism and communism as system is a vision of a society based  
on public ownership of means of production and a mode of distribution based 
on  the prevailing productive forces. The productive forces in existence on 
earth,  and most certainly in America - since that is where many of us live, 
can be  measured to determine what is possible. 
Stalin's old formula of what constitutes economic communism in its first  
and higher phase cannot be applied to America because it is based on a  
specific state of development of productive forces in the 1930's - 1950's 
Actually, only Marx general outline is applicable today. 

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