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Dear Comrade Mark, 
I do not know why you think that the other 197+ people on the list accept  
revisionism. It may be that we just as well that they think that you are 
doing a  good job at opposing this revisionism. 
Please note that my comment many weeks ago asking that the three of you not 
 engage in personal invective was not a note from a moderator, bus simply a 
 request by one of the members of the list. 
If one person show in plain language where I have revised Marx on communist 
 society I will leave the list. 
Not two . . .one person.  One. Stalin's "he who does not work" shall  not 
eat is unacceptable in modern America. Further, under communist society  
labor contribution is not work or a job. A job and work is just so much  
bourgeois ideology. 
I challenge anyone to defend this proposition. 
I challenge any Marxist to oppose the proposition that under communist  
society there is NO demand for a prior contribution of labor to be   the means 
to access to socially necessary means of life. 
Reread Marx . . . for real. 

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