Hi all!

So for those who followed previous threads, here is the summary: the 
repository has been converted to a git repository and is now hosted on 
gitlab at: https://gitlab.com/Jehan_ZeMarmot/mrxvt
So this is to be considered as the new upstream for the code.

GI is still maintainer there (role "master" on gitlab) with me.
I can give commit rights to anyone who already had these on subversion, 
and in particular, I will also give maintainer rights to Jimmy if you 
ask (just give me a gitlab account name).

Personally my goal is only to revive it enough for someone to take over 
it. And I felt in previous emails that GI and Jimmy feel the same. I'd 
like that if you wish to be the new maintainer, you should send a few 
patches first though.
I will gladly review patches in the meantime.

I made a small post about this, just to raise some awareness: 

See you!


P.S.: GI, could we change this small text there 
(http://materm.sourceforge.net/) to redirect to the gitlab repo? Of 
course, we can still keep a link to the old read-only wiki, but I feel 
it should not be the main link anymore.
Same here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/materm/

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