On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 7:48 PM, Eric Firing<efir...@hawaii.edu> wrote:

> I did not commit #3.  Apart from my lack of c++ expertise, I don't know how
> to implement it so that it takes effect only in the Solaris case. Therefore
> I am leaving this for John; or maybe he will pass it to Mike when he comes
> back from vacation.  Below, I am deleting all but #3, to make it easier for
> John to see what we are talking about.

I can try and take a look at this tomorrow.  I do have a solaris box
at work to test on, but we are on an older version of gcc.  Ideally,
we could find a c preprocessor macro to indicate the platform rather
than do an uname conditioned patch.  If anyone knows of a platform
macro for solaris to check for, let me know.


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