Christopher Brown wrote:
> Hi List,
> Attached is a closeup of two legends on a 2-panel figure. The first
> legend has 10 plots listed, the second has 1. I have set each legend
> identically: loc='upper right', pad=.3, handlelen=.1, handletextsep=.05.
> But it seems that while the horizontal padding is the same, the vertical
> padding is too large in the first legend, and too small in the second.
> The only difference between the two I am aware of is the number of plots
> listed (not contained in the axes, but listed in the legends). I'm using 
> version 0.98.3 on windows. Any ideas?

This looks to me like a design flaw: the pad is "fractional" (fraction 
of legend box size), when logically it should be in something like units 
of legend text height, or possibly in points.  This might be easy enough 
to change, although for backwards compatibility we would need to use a 
new kwarg.


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