> Done, except that it just raises a warning, and still works with the old
> kwarg.  The new kwarg is "borderpad"; it is used if pad==0, which is the new
> rc default.  I set the default borderpad=0.5.
> There is still too much other positioning in legend that is based on axes
> units.  I briefly tried to start changing others, again with additional
> kwargs, and things quickly fell apart.  Legend needs considerable reworking
> to take full advantage of the transforms framework (and maybe other mpl
> improvements since the original legend) and to put all positioning kwargs
> and code in sensible units.  It is amazing that the present code works as
> well as it does.
> The way to make a transition may be via a separate version for a while.
> There could be a single interface, with a kwarg to choose the version.

Thanks Eric.

I would like to help reworking on the legend class.
I once tried to incorporate the FancyBox into the legend but the
result is not satisfactory because the legend bounding box is defined
as axes units in the current implementation (see the attached
screenshot). And I guess it would be better do things in the display

Also, in the current implementation, the vertical spacing between each
legend varies according to the height of the legend text. For example,
in the attached screenshot, the spacings between "ac", "ag", "lg" are
all different and this is because their text heights are different. I
think it is better if we have a fixed spacing, or have a minimum
spacing as the text height of "lg". And use the baseline-alignment if



<<attachment: t.png>>

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