when plotting a color bar with a plot in matplotlib, the color bar
gets treated internally as Axes.

With two main plots, each of which comes with a color bar, one structurally gets

<class 'matplotlib.figure.Figure'>
    <class 'matplotlib.axes.Axes'>
    <class 'matplotlib.axes.Axes'>
    <class 'matplotlib.axes.Axes'>
    <class 'matplotlib.axes.Axes'>

(that is, a Figure has for childres Axes). To find out which one of
those is a color bar, I basically inspect their children an look for
Arrays with shape (256,), which is what color bars look like. That's
ugly of course, but it kind of works(tm). :)

I'm having problems, though, with associating color bars with the
specific plot. Can I rely on the rule that an Axes -- if it has a
color bar --, is immediately followed by the corresponding (color bar)
Axes environment? Are there any other properties I could check to
identify color bars? (Tried get_label to no avail.)


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