On 09/15/2010 01:17 PM, Dan Kortschak wrote:
> That fixes the problem.
> thanks
> On Wed, 2010-09-15 at 07:30 -1000, Eric Firing wrote:
>> Looking again at the original build output, and at setup.py and
>> setupext.py, it appears that there is a bug in the latter.  If the wrong
>> version of wx is found, it should be disabling the attempt to build
>> wxagg, and reporting "wxPython: no".
>> We need to fix the bug, but the workaround for now is to use a setup.cfg
>> file with
>> wxagg = False
>> Eric

It turns out that the _wxagg extension was specific to version 2.6, and 
for a long time we have required version 2.8, so there was no point in 
trying to build the extension.  In svn 8702 I removed the extension 
along with related 2.6-only code, and the setup.py references to 
building the extension.


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