In my experience, relative performance between different solvers (e.g. MIPS, 
IPOPT, Knitro) can vary widely from problem to problem, so the solvers that are 
faster on average, may not be faster on a particular problem. On my system, 
using IPOPT with PARDISO, I get the following solve times and numbers of 

MIPS:   16 sec,  45 iterations
IPOPT:  22 sec, 124 iterations
Knitro: 38 sec, 117 iterations

Unfortunately, the page at only includes pre-built 
MEX binaries for Linux and Mac, not Windows.



> On Aug 31, 2016, at 11:51 PM, winsonwoods <> wrote:
> Dear Matpower Community,
>        I am a Ph.D student of SWJTU from China. When I tried the 
> matpower6.01b1 to solve the CASE9421PEGASE, I found a very strange things. 
> When I use the default MIPS solver, it just need about 22 seconds; when I 
> change to the IPOPT solver (I have installed the OPTI toolbox), it need about 
> 63 seconds. In my expectation, the IPOPT should be faster than the MIPS as 
> the matpower6.01b1 manual said. I guess the reason is that the IPOPT should 
> be used with PARDISO to improve performance.
>       However, I can't find the Pre-built MEX binaries of high-performance 
> IPOPT-PARDISO for the WIN-64bit platform and, I never successfully compile 
> the PARDISO matlab interface. Does anyone have compile successfully? Could 
> you share the code or the precompile mex file with me?
>      Yours Sincerely,
>      Winson Woods. 
>      2016-9-1

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