There have been a few global changes that have been pending for a while. For instance there was the discussion of repackaging everything to net.sf.mav.*. If I'm not mistaken there were a few other changes as well. Maybe now would be an appropriate time to readdress some of the changes including this logging change.

I don't see any major problems switching to commons logging, personally I will still use log4j.

Thought, Jeff, Scott, Jim?

-- mike

On Jun 1, 2004, at 6:56 AM, Jon Newton wrote:

What is everyone's opinion on changing maverick to use the Apache
Commons logging API instead of hardcoding a dependency on log4j. My
reason for wanting this would be to cut down on the large number of jar
files my project is accumulating.. I'd like to use java.util.logging as
much as possible. This would also make maverick even more flexible..

Jon Newton
Scan Business Systems

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