Since Xojo 2020r2 supports plugins for iOS, Monkeybread Software can now 
provide plugins for your iOS development. Use MBS Xojo Plugins in your iOS 
projects for PDF, charts, SQL, encryption, barcodes and more!

The DynaPDF licenses we sold were for macOS, Windows and Linux as a bundle. You 
always had the option to pay for additional platforms like AIX, Android, HP-UX, 
iOS, Solaris and OS400. 

For future licenses, we change the flags and enable iOS for all our customers. 
All future license keys purchased from Monkeybread Software include the 
additional iOS platform without extra charge.

PS: Apple Silicon support is available or DynaPDF with MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin 
in version 20.5. 

Christian Schmitz
Monkeybread Software

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