* Added ErrorCount and WarningCount to DynaPDFMBS class.
* Changed Append in DynaPDFMBS to close page if one is open.
* When querying PageGraphics in DynaPDFMBS, we now make sure a font is set to 
have TextWidth used internally find a font if you don't set one.
* Updated graphics class support in DynaPDFMBS to handle removed bold/italic 
properties in Xojo 2020r2.1.
* Fixed issue with loading plugins on Windows in the Xojo IDE.
* Fixed flags for dozens of classes to correctly mark methods as 
console/desktop targets.
* Updated DynaPDF to version
* Deprecated HFSUniStr255 and FSRef for FileListMBS class.
* Deprecated GetHelpTagDelayMBS, SetHelpTagDelayMBS, GetHelpTagDisplayedMBS and 
SetHelpTagDisplayedMBS functions.
* Deprecated DisAssembleMBS, DisAssembleObjectMethodMBS and GetDisAssembleMBS 
global functions.
* Deprecated ReturnErrPtrMBS, ReturnOutPtrMBS and ReturnInPtrMBS global 
* Deprecated CompositeIconsMBS and FinderUpdateMBS global functions.
* Deprecated ResolutionLibraryPresentMBS global function.
* Deprecated IsWindows95MBS and IsWindowsNTMBS functions.
* Deprecated RockeyMBS and Rockey2MBS classes in favor of Rockey4NDMBS class.
* Deprecated our folder functions in favor of Xojo's SpecialFolder module.
* Deprecated PictureFromXFaceStringMBS, PictureFromXFaceMemoryBlockMBS, 
PictureFromXFaceMemoryBlockMBS, and XFaceStringFromPictureMBS functions.
* Deprecated Calendar classes in favor of Events classes.


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