> Am 22.01.2021 um 00:57 schrieb James Sentman <ja...@sentman.com>:
> I noticed it after updating my plugins to the most recent release that apps 
> that used NSMenuItemMBS embedded in the tool bar no longer would run. 
> Specifically I was getting an error whenever I was calling itemWithTitle() to 
> enable or disable a menu item. I ran the demo app called "toolbar buttons” 
> and it also falls out during launch but at a call to itemAtIndex( 0). Is 
> there a new way needed to access these now? I am currently still developing 
> on Mojave on an Intel Mac so Catalina or Big Sur is not the issue. I am 
> running the current release of Xojo and the currently released MBS versions.

Sorry. We broke that when working on the iOS side.

Fixed plugin here:


I'll now look if we did the same #define error elsewhere.


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