Regardless of what Xojo and their minions say, file typing and creator codes are important, even for modern Mac's.

My program deals a lot with older files, and even in certain cases wants to / needs to make files whose destinations will be older computers running even OS9.

Theres even a program that runs on 10.14 and even higher, that accepts typed files without extensions (e.g. 'MYAIR' and typed as 'AIFF' is regarded as a AIFF file, even without the .aif extension).

For the sake of this question, let's assume the drives are HFS and not APFS, although APFS could be included, I'm just not able to test at the moment.

And to address this before it begins: please understand I'm not writing things to work with new things, it's to create files that work with OLD things. So I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW that Apple has abandoned the whole typing-stuff. That fact is irrelevant though.

So here's the problem: If I obtain a FolderItem object for a file, do f.MacType = "AIFF", that's not going to affect the file. Xojo has deprecated the function to the point where it compiles and exists but it doesn't do anything - on fairly current versions of Xojo.

But I want to type files with Xojo, and I can't. Well, that's fine, but I do want to solve my need.

Now, I have a bitty 32-bit program I made with REAL Studio 2011r3 that can type and creator code any file, and it works even in 10.14. (It won't work of course in 10.15 and up since its' 32-bit.) It's just that I built it with REAL Studio. So it's not the OS that is the barrier, it's my current Xojo itself.

So my question is: does MBS have this functionality? Or are the guts taken out for you as well, like the SDK's you use to build MBS in the first place?

It's be great if MBS could type files; but if not, I guess my solution would be to (hopefully) find the combination of Xojo that created 64-bit files that still had the ability to type files, and make a console Helper app that I could call via Socket (like my current Helper App) to type files.

Garth Hjelte
Sampler User

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