> > I'm porting my .syntax hilite files from AMC (uses syntax code from 4.5.4x)
> > and found that the /nn number codes has gone. I've never understood their
> > purpose but all my syntax files contains them after each color code.

They are gone precisely for that reason - because they serve no purpose
for mc.  The color after the slash is for cooledit.  The color before the
slash is for mcedit.

I only left the colors for cooledit when they had names, e.g. Orange.  In
this case I knew that the choice of the color was intentional.  Numbers
like "24" were often wrong, so I removed them.

The syntax didn't change, I just didn't want to force everybody to provide
the colors for Cooledit just because everybody is doing it.  If you care
about Cooledit, the separate color set is welcome, as long as you use
meaningful color names and you have tested the ruleset with Cooledit.

If you don't care about Cooledit, then please don't pretend that you do.
If you haven't tested the ruleset with Cooledit, then please remove the

> After some more RTFM i've found opposite things written.

It's fixed now.  Thank you.

Pavel Roskin
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