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Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> is anyone already maintaining the current development tree
> (becoming 4.6.2) ?                                                            

Enrico, please don't hurry. Wait please a few days (may be, after New Year).
All existing patches need to be collected in one place. This place will
git (browse: http://www.midnight-commander.org/browser). It contains the
latest cvn changes (plus in near future
http://mc.redhat-club.org/svn/trunk as branch).

The main branch (master) will change the existing patches. Along with
the changes will be made from a branch mc.redhat-club.org.

This is necessary for the restoration of the history of the applyingg of
patches  - many patches in our branch(mc.redhat-club.org) were applyed
in one revision, sorry for inconvenience.  That will be corrected.

Therefore, your job, Enrico is very important (All existing patches are
to gather in one place, not only from Gentoo).  And I think that the
best place to patches is a trac - it was better suited for monitoring
the implementation of the work than the mailing list ;)

> If yes, please provide a short description how to check out 
> and how to submit patches.                                                    
yes, but don't hurry, I ask again :)

Just add tickets with patches in trac, please.

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