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> Enrico, please don't hurry. Wait please a few days (may be, after New Year).
> All existing patches need to be collected in one place. This place will
> git (browse: http://www.midnight-commander.org/browser). It contains the

How can I checkout/clone it ?
What I need is always the latest status of the next release candidate
and perhaps some (semi-)automatic way to synchronize it into my local
svn repository.

I'd like to base my patches on either the latest release (currently 4.6.2)
or the next release candidate (="current"-tree). 

Perhaps we could write a few lines about that in the wiki.

> latest cvn changes (plus in near future
> http://mc.redhat-club.org/svn/trunk as branch).

Just wrote a little script which fetches that tree and merges it into 
my local svn ... there're *huge* changes - let's see what we can take
over next ;-o

> Therefore, your job, Enrico is very important (All existing patches are
> to gather in one place, not only from Gentoo).  And I think that the
> best place to patches is a trac - it was better suited for monitoring
> the implementation of the work than the mailing list ;)

Ok, having the xmlrpc interface would be a great help.

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