As there is currently no real written down workflow for patches I would like to 
suggest the following:

 - Every patch which should be applied to the git should be attached to a 
bugreport in our ticketsystem. There should be for each patch a own ticket so 
that we have a good overview.
 -  Every patch that is in the ticket system must be approved by two devs in 
order to get applied again the working branch (master). 
 - If someone dislikes a patch he should either contact the author of the 
patch in order to get a updated version (which should again be added to the 
same bugreport) or fix it himself. In both cases again two developers should 
give their okay to this patch. 

This system makes it possible that everytime a patch should be applied to mc 
at least three people had a look on it (the submitter and two other 

As every comment in the ticketsystem from trac is send to the mailinglist it 
should be possible to track things while reading the mailinglist. A feature I 
will add in some time is that you can answer to the ticketmails and the 
automatically get added to the ticketsystem of trac, but this doesn't work 
right now.

What do you think? Is this workflow for patches okay? If yes I would write this 
down somewhere in the wiki in order to make it official.  

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