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>  - Every patch which should be applied to the git should be attached to a 
> bugreport in our ticketsystem. There should be for each patch a own ticket so 
> that we have a good overview.

hmm, has the drawback, that it's bit unconvenient (as long as we don't have
an automatic cmdline tool for that ;-P) moves the talks away from the list.

Perhaps only do this for those patches already discussed in the list and 
found to be stable enough. 

Of course, an ideal situation would be an gateway between maillist and 
trac, so new tickets are sent to the list and replies are automatically 
bounced to the ticket's comments.

>  -  Every patch that is in the ticket system must be approved by two devs in 
> order to get applied again the working branch (master). 

Ok, seems reasonable. 
BTW: does trac have some voting mechanism ?

>  - If someone dislikes a patch he should either contact the author of the 
> patch in order to get a updated version (which should again be added to the 
> same bugreport) or fix it himself. In both cases again two developers should 
> give their okay to this patch. 

Yep, if a patch is broken, the token should go back to the submitter, and
he has to upload a fixed version (or drop the issue by closing the ticket).

> As every comment in the ticketsystem from trac is send to the mailinglist it 
> should be possible to track things while reading the mailinglist. A feature I 
> will add in some time is that you can answer to the ticketmails and the 
> automatically get added to the ticketsystem of trac, but this doesn't work 
> right now.

Great !
Maybe you could also install the xmlrpc plugin, so I can code my own upload 

> What do you think? Is this workflow for patches okay? If yes I would write 
> this 
> down somewhere in the wiki in order to make it official.  

BTW: may I request write access to the wiki ?

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