Reporting new bugs via email (tick...@midnight-commander.org) works now. But 
there seems to be some drawbacks: 
 - Notification to this list (set as smtp_always_cc) doesn't work right now
 - Update of tickets (although ticket_update is set to true)  also doesn't 
work right now, instead of updating a new ticket is created. 

Both bugs seems to be located in the email2trac scripts (the first one seems to 
be a incompatibility with trac version 0.11) and the second one seems to be a 
general programming bug .. :S
I've filled bugreports there but as long as there is no fix, we'll get no 
notification if a bug is filled via email.. notifications via webfronted of 
course works. 

@Enrico: Would it be possible to submit all your bugs to the ticketsystem in 
order to process and include them into the master branch? It would be cool if 
we could finally start to develop.

I hope that the Out of Memory error has disappeared. There was a little 
problem with my mysqlserver running on this system. Should be fixed now.

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