Am Sonntag 04 Januar 2009 22:26:18 schrieb Enrico Weigelt:
> * Patrick Winnertz <> schrieb:
> > Yes.. according to the ticket system for trac itself this is an error of
> > trac 0.11 ... some issue with the sql backend.
> Just a guess: sqlite locking issue ?
Jepp exactly. As trac is based on sqlite (with the optional backend of 
postgres) and the a bit more experimental mysql backend) I've set it up with a 
sqlite database... obviously this was not the best choice ;-) (I'll have a 
look how good the mysql backend is, as I've already a mysql server running). 

I hope this will fix this issue in the long term.. in the short term simply do 
a refresh of the site ;-)


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