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> * Slava Zanko <> wrote:
> (bouncing back to the list ;-p)
> Hi,
> > I not fully understand... How automate process of patch submission,
> > in your mind?
> Okay, let's take an example:
> I'm currently working on some sub-project. Now I've did my work,
> everything seems okay for me and I'd like to publish it.
> All I now (ideally) would have to do is enter some quick command
> line (eg. including some description) and the rest goes automatic:
> my work is published, ticket opened, etc.
Okay I work so:
(on master branch):

git checkout -b foobar
[do some work]
git add new files/changed files
git diff master > /tmp/$new-patch-to-publish.patch
git reset --hard $sumoflastcommit (e.g. atm: 

git show # now everything should be clean and no changes should be there.
git checkout master
git branch -d foobar (or -D foobar if there are changes which are not merged 
into master)
publish now the patch on trac via email or webinterface. 

> Coming from the other side, it would be cool to have some command
> "get me the changes from ticket xyz", so we don't have to download
> and apply the patches manually.
Well... :) such a tool would be nice but doesn't exist atm. 

> > The best solution - use git branches for tracking patches, IMHO.
> hmm, heard of that, but never used it.
> How does it work ?
> > > hmm, do my changes then go to the current branch (assuming
> > > I've cloned from there) ?
> >
> > Yes, your changes will applyed to the main branch (named 'master').
> > You may create any count of commits (via git-commit), but this commits
> > placed only in your local copy of repro. You may delete some of this
> > commits, verge, revert commits...
> Okay, that's just normal working in the local repo ...
> > but if you will run command 'git-push', all of your commits will frozen
> > for changes. Because this commits transferred in parent repro and will
> > see by any developer (via git-pull). git-pull will get latest changes
> > from parent repro (like svn up, or full command: svn update).
> But this commits directly to our master repo, thus breaking our workflow,
> right ?
Yes of course... Only commit the patch after it is acked... :) 
> > If you want to have own 'sandbox' with some patches (not included in
> > 'master'), you may create new local branch:
> Can I freely create branches within the master repo ?
> And more important: *should* I do this ?
Yes why not.. they are local as long as you don't push them to the server via 
git push $localbranch origin and this is something which should be done _very_ 

As I think that there are several people not very familiar with git I'll write 
a small Howto use the git repro together with our workflow. After I'm finished 
I'll publish the url here.


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