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> delete *the* stable branch, but not the concept of stable branches 
> per se. doing so would mean that once you merged a feature patch 
> to master, you cannot do a bugfix release any more until you make 
> a feature release (*). to keep the option of bugfix releases open 

Actually, I dislike that idea. Instead we should declare, that
'master' branch is *always* what becomes the next release. We just
have to take care that it's always in a state that it could be 
released ASAP - so: *no* development there. New features only get
committed if they're really ready to get into next release (which
in theory could come any second).

Of course we should do stable tree releases quite frequently, *NOT* 
collecting too much which might introduce new bugs. We've already
waited too long w/ 4.6.2.

> (and distributors really want that), 

Well, if distros want a bugfixed branch of older releases and don't 
want to take care all by themselves, they could simply join the 
OSS-QM project, which is meant as an bug-fixing overlay over 
existing *releases* (it's about QM exclusively, *NO* development). 
But according the lack of interest in all these years, the presure 
obviously can't be that hight ;-o

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