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Patrick Winnertz wrote:

> Hey,
> As there are some guys here which want to stick with glib and some who
> doesn't want this.
> As each sites have some good arguments pro or contra glib I'll write some
> thoughs here down and would like to ask you to add your arguments here and
> discuss then these arguments on the list.
> Please note that we really need a decision :)
> pro: 
>  - glib has many preformed functions and we don't have to think about many
>    issues as they are solved inside glib.
>  - ...
> contra:
>  - glib is huge and we only use a very small amount of functions.
>    Rewriting this functions would make mc smaller and faster. This is
>    important at least for embedded devices. 
>  - ...

I want to propose third variant...

As for me, no different what write:
- - mc_<malloc|free|new_array|...>
- - or g_<malloc|free|new_array|...>
- - or simply <malloc|free|own_func_for_work_with_array>

I want to write a standard, without chaos, without #ifdef...#endif in
any source file... in one coding style...

What I mean: need to create some wrapper... like my first step to this
in http://www.midnight-commander.org/ticket/125

For now, wrapper may have #define'd via pseudo-functions... but in
future (if someone from 'contra' want) will realize own library (call it
as you want: mcglib, mccore, mclib.so,...), and will add in
./configure.ac option '--without-glib'

WBR, Slavaz.
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