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> What I mean: need to create some wrapper... like my first step 
> to this in http://www.midnight-commander.org/ticket/125

Inspired by your idea, I've started writing some minimalistic
helper library (./mhl/* -> "micro helper library") which actually
just provides a bunch of macros and inlines.

Meanwhile I've moved the whole memory management, string handling
and even hashtable handling (using libhash) there. 

> For now, wrapper may have #define'd via pseudo-functions... but in
> future (if someone from 'contra' want) will realize own library (call it
> as you want: mcglib, mccore, mclib.so,...), and will add in
> ./configure.ac option '--without-glib'

Yes, that would be easy. But as I already wrote own (glib-free) 
implementations for that stuff, I doubt why we should glib at all ;-o

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