Thanks, Matt. Great work!

Just for the record, everyone, the content we folded in from my saved
postings from the earliest years is somewhat selective, based on pruning I
did for a personal email migration long ago; so there are fewer
announcements and such than were actually posted to MCN-L back in the day.

That said, it gives a good sense of what topics were in play in the list's
early years--back when, for example, having an "Internet SIG" made sense,
and when locking down Netscape Navigator for kiosks was a thing, and so

And it does have the MCN-L ur-message!


On Sat, May 30, 2015 11:27 am, Matt Morgan wrote:
> For many years MCN-L's online archive was only spottily indexed by
> search engines and so wasn't super-usable. Starting last fall I began to
> fix that, and Rob Lancefield joined me a few months ago to make the new,
> fully-searchable archive as complete as it can be....

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