CODE | WORDS: Technology and Theory in the Museum
Editors: Ed Rodley (Peabody Essex Museum), Robert Stein (Dallas Museum of
Art) & Suse Cairns (Baltimore Museum of Art)

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“Exciting, important and wide-ranging.”
Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Like the future, it is experimental, uncertain, and brilliant.”
Nina Simon, Executive Director, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History,
author of The Participatory Museum.

CODE | WORDS brings together leading museum thinkers and practitioners to
explore emerging issues about the nature of museums in the light of the
dramatic and ongoing impact of digital technologies.

Originally an online dialogue, CODE | WORDS is a series of conversations
which explores challenging questions about the identity of museums, their
role in society, their responsibility to serve a global public, and the
nature of collecting, preservation, education, scholarship, primary
research, and ethics in a digital age. The authors aim to inspire change,
and to demonstrate the important relationship between emerging digital
practices and museum theory.

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Digital technologies won’t solve all the problems in the world, or the
museum. Things will change, as they always do. How will we respond to those
changes in a deliberate manner? This important new book will help you

Graeme Farnell
Publisher, MuseumsEtc

PS A proportion of the sales of CODE | WORDS will support the Museum
Computer Network Scholarship Fund.


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