Dear list,

Greetings. Not been on here for a while.
Anyway, for MCN people who inhabit the transatlantic space and can work in 
London (or know people who do), then some great ops coming up. 

NB deadline in TWO days >>

Here at the Natural History Museum, we are putting on an open day for talented 
people looking for various tech roles which include…

•       Platform and Infrastructure Engineers
•       Digital Product Management
•       Application Product Owners
•       Business Analysis and Project Management
•       Software and Integration Engineers (Seniority: team lead to junior; 
Languages: Java, C#, PHP, Python; Roles/Specialisms: API development, systems 
integration, platform and database development, research and analytical 
•       Front End Developers (Web, App and Multimedia development in Javascript 
Frameworks, CSS, HTML5)
•       Junior Network/Telecoms
•       Content Editing
If you do this sort of thing you do and you fancy working within one of the 
world’s leading venues for nature inspiration and an internationally recognised 
Scientific Institute, then point your browser at this URL:

The day itself is Thursday 29 June. Applications in by 22 June.


Andrew Lewis | Data and Insights Architect | Technology Solutions | Natural 
History Museum | Cromwell Road | London | SW7 5BD Tel:  020 7942 6134 |
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