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Front-End Web Developer, GS-12/13
College Park, MD
National Archives
Apply by 8/8:

This position will lead enterprise-wide web design efforts with a
particular emphasis on, blogs, Presidential Libraries, and
related websites.


   - Gathers, reviews, and analyzes requirements in collaboration with
   business owners, project managers, and technical staff. Evaluates digital
   design projects with respect to usability requirements and audience needs,
   and recommends changes.
   - Develops advanced experience in creating design mockups, wireframes,
   storyboards, content maps, user-flows, prototypes to meet user needs, and
   iterates based on user feedback; navigation, interfaces, layouts, and
   typography that are focused on user need; and designing and building web
   pages, user interface features, site animations, data visualizations, and
   other digital design elements using a variety of graphics software
   applications, techniques, and tools.
   - Defines user needs, preferences, and behaviors through qualitative and
   quantitative research and analysis. Implements user-centered design
   methodologies including interviews, journey mapping, task flow analysis,
   card sorting, and multivariate testing. Translates findings of user
   research into tangible design recommendations. Coordinates and conducts
   usability testing of prototypes and existing digital products with target
   audiences. Captures target audience feedback and incorporates that feedback
   into new designs and future iterations.
   - Participates in establishing and enforcing design standards and
   guidelines for NARA's digital products. The incumbent collaborates with
   senior specialist and Creative Services staff to develop recommendations
   for visual design standards for NARA's brand identity in the digital space
   and for maintaining those identity standards in all online channels.
   Participates in the development, implementation, and promotion of a shared
   set of digital design guidelines and best practices. Working with senior
   specialist, assures enforcement of design standards and requirements for
   multiple digital products and business units across the organization
   including websites, social media, and mobile applications.
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