> Jess wrote:
> That sounds like an exciting project! We have some BrightSign hardware that 
> was not fully deployed (before we
> had my position at this institution), so I'm looking into what we may be able 
> to do with it now to get some more
> interactives or even digital signage into our rather static exhibition. I'm 
> also familiar with you as Te Papa is a case
> study used by Dexibit. Welcome to the list!

Hi Jess,

The latest BrightSign hardware isn’t too bad, although the version of Chromium 
they use to 'play' HTML5 content is about 10 versions behind what is in the 
Chrome browser or Electron.

The older hardware has limited touch (no multi-touch), but can play video from 
HTML fine. Once we have a few interactives we'll be trying these on different 
BrightSigns to see how far they can be pushed.

The other stream of work, planned for later on, is to get BrightSign hardware 
actively monitored by Nodel  (http://nodel.io/). We are experimenting with 
Nodel to monitor our apps, and will look at extending this to hardware as we 
have time.



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