I have just joined this list and thought I would briefly introduce myself, and 
let you know what I am working on.

I am a Digital Product Owner at Te Papa Tongarewa - The Museum of New Zealand, 
where I started in Jan 2017. Prior to this I worked at Radio New Zealand (NZ's 
public radio broadcaster) where I was in charge of digital products (app and 
website) for 11 years. (Linked in: 

At Te Papa I am working on a stream of work called the Digital Experience 
Delivery System (DEDS).

This is a system to build and deploy digital experiences in a repeatable way, 
and includes analytics and real-time active monitoring of the application.

At the technical core of the system is a custom player, built using Electron. 
This communicates with our build system which packages each interactive 
on-demand. Interactive are designed to run stand-alone (networking is not 
required once running).

For the UI we build these based on our Digital Language System 
(https://te-papa.github.io/), which is under continual development as we 
conduct user testing and build more components.

The interactives themselves are built using a set of ReactJS components and a 
React-based starter kit that we've created in house.

Our target hardware (at this stage) is the HP Mini, but simpler interactives 
can also run on BrightSign (minus Electron), and presumably Raspberry PI grade 
Ultimately I'd like to get this to the point where it interactives are hardware 
agnostic, subject to CPU requirements.

The code is not public at this stage, but I am looking into that at the moment.

At this stage we are still in the development phase, but I'm happy to post 
updates or answer questions here if there is interest.


Richard Hulse
Digital Product Owner
Te Papa Tongarewa, Museum of New Zealand


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