Hi wise MCN-L members!

I am working with a museum to clean up their data. I don't have a lot of
backend data experience. My task is to populate artist records with ULAN
data. They're using EmbARK. I'd like to upload the relevant metadata using
the ULAN ID as a link. I'm having difficulty accessing the ULAN data from
getty's download center.

Note: I know next to nothing about data that is not in CSV format.  I've
tried to convert the sample ULAN XML data to CSV but am getting lots of

I don't even really understand the reasonable-ness of this question, so
please bear with me!

Thanks for any help you're able to offer!



Erin Richardson, PhD, Principal

Erin Richardson Consulting <https://www.erinrichardsonconsulting.com/>


LinkedIn <https://www.linkedin.com/in/erinerichardson/>
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