List members are likely to be particularly interested in this new book from
MuseumsEtc which has just been released. Its authoritative content is
introduced by a Foreword by Melody Kanschat, Executive Director of the
Getty Leadership Institute.

*Problem: Low and Unequal Pay*Low pay is endemic in the museum profession
throughout the world. This book dissects the shocking statistics about pay
inequality - and details the many initiatives being taken to resolve the
problem once and for all.

*Solutions: The Benefits of Fair Pay*In 30 authoritative chapters,
the book examines both the causes and the effects of low pay on staff and
institutions alike. And sets out strategies to secure the benefits which
fair and equitable pay bring.


This book is of direct relevance to everyone working in museums, and is
both an analysis of the situation and a guide to action!

Graeme Farnell
Publisher, MuseumsEtc


"Essential to the future of museums"
Meta Knol | Director, Museum De Lakenhal | Leiden, NL

"A timely and vital text as well as a must-read"
Ansley Simmons | Founding Member, Museum Workers Speak, USA

"Bold essays address museum recruitment, salaries and working conditions"
Steering Committee | Fair Museum Jobs, UK

MuseumsEtc Ltd
UK: Hudson House | 8 Albany Street | Edinburgh EH1 3QB
USA: 675 Massachusetts Ave., Ste 11 | Cambridge | MA 02139
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