On 13/09/17 09:08, Agus Tarpindo wrote:
>> spf nyomo.com
> Maaf numpang nimbrung Pak, penulisan ini hanya berlaku untuk MD versi 14 ke 
> atas atau semua bersi MD Pak?

Hanya berlaku di MDaemon versi 16.5 keatas.
Dibawah versi itu hanya bisa whitelist IP saja.

Berikut ini isi whitelist text di versi 16.5 keatas

# This file lists IP addresses, email addresses, and domains which are exempt
# from SPF lookups.  Email addresses are compared against the SMTP envelope
# not the message From header). Domains are whitelisted by placing the word
# "spf" in front of the domain name. MDaemon will include that domain's
# SPF record in every SPF evaluation using an MDaemon specific
# "wlinclude:<domain>" tag. In this way you can have your backup MX provider
# treated as a valid SPF source for all senders.
# Wildcards and CIDR notation are supported. One entry per line please.
# Examples:
# ar...@altn.com
# spf altn.com


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