On 13/09/17 07:46, Syafril Hermansyah wrote:
>> Kalau domain, gunakan format
>> from *@domain.tld
> Maaf koreksi, yang diatas itu untuk DNS-BL whitelist.
> Format yang benar untuk SPF whitelist domain adalah
> spf domain.tld
> misalkan
> spf nyomo.com

Koreksi lagi, maaf.

Untuk whitelist sender domain formatnya

Kalau server kita punya MX backup, maka untuk whitelist server MX backup gunakan

spf mxbackup.tld


spf relayhost.tld


spf smarthost.tld

Penjelasannya ada di Release note MD 16.5.0


[17049] Ctrl+S|Sender Authentication|SPF Verification now allows domains in the
white list file to be included in SPF lookups. See descriptive text on that
screen for how it works.  Often you need to white list your backup MX
provider(s) from SPF lookups but you do not know or can not configure all of
their IPs.  To safely solve this problem you can now specify your backup MX
provider(s) by using a new "spf" tag to white list them and MDaemon will do the
required lookups in real-time. MDaemon does this by adding its own "wlinclude:"
tag to the actual SPF results for a queried domain. Although this "wlinclude"
data is logged it is important to realize that "wlinclude" tags are your
white-listed entries and are not actually part of the queried domain's SPF data
taken from DNS.

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