> Exactly!
> aeron_mpsc_rb + aeron_broadcast is exactly what the Aeron driver does.
> Everything you said is exactly correct. The responses are small. And some
> are async in nature. Such as image available/unavailable. A clientId (as
> well as command correlation Ids) are an atomic value via the aeron_mpsc_rb
> interface. aeron_mpsc_rb_next_correlation_id to be precise. It's an
> atomic counter that can be used to generate a unique id for the driver and
> all clients (as long as they all use it). Aeron doesn't have any large
> responses. But if it did, it would do exactly as you mention, send the
> filename of the ring buffer. This is what it effectively does with the
> logbuffers for publications and subscriptions.

Thanks Todd, appreciate the detailed response! Its a lot clearer to me now.
I'll experiment a bit and see where it ends up. The documentation on Aeron
is great by the way.

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