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Change subject: Improve blocked-mailpassword phrasing

Improve blocked-mailpassword phrasing

Change-Id: I2fa9d0050908fa40c3a5808aa0ed9cd53dc0e345
M languages/i18n/en.json
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

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  jenkins-bot: Verified

diff --git a/languages/i18n/en.json b/languages/i18n/en.json
index c26d2a9..3fbb287 100644
--- a/languages/i18n/en.json
+++ b/languages/i18n/en.json
@@ -487,7 +487,7 @@
        "noemail": "There is no email address recorded for user \"$1\".",
        "noemailcreate": "You need to provide a valid email address.",
        "passwordsent": "A new password has been sent to the email address 
registered for \"$1\".\nPlease log in again after you receive it.",
-       "blocked-mailpassword": "Your IP address is blocked from editing, and 
so is not allowed to use the password recovery function to prevent abuse.",
+       "blocked-mailpassword": "Your IP address is blocked from editing. To 
prevent abuse, it is not allowed to use password recovery from this IP 
        "eauthentsent": "A confirmation email has been sent to the specified 
email address.\nBefore any other email is sent to the account, you will have to 
follow the instructions in the email, to confirm that the account is actually 
        "throttled-mailpassword": "A password reset email has already been 
sent, within the last {{PLURAL:$1|hour|$1 hours}}.\nTo prevent abuse, only one 
password reset email will be sent per {{PLURAL:$1|hour|$1 hours}}.",
        "signupstart": "",

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