Hey all,

I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of Semantic Maps 3.4. This
release adds support for SMWs record data type and for the Maps tracking

Support for older versions of its dependencies have been dropped. You now
need PHP 5.5 or later, MediaWiki 1.23 or later and Maps 3.8 or later.
Installation and upgrading can be done as usual.

You can find an overview of the changes in the release notes [0] and links
to installation and usage instructions in the readme [1].

This will be the last release of Semantic Maps as a dedicated extension.
It's features are being merged into the Maps extension, and will be
available there with the Maps 4.0 release.

[0] https://github.com/SemanticMediaWiki/SemanticMaps/blob/master/
[1] https://github.com/SemanticMediaWiki/SemanticMaps/blob/master/README.md


Jeroen De Dauw | https://entropywins.wtf | https://keybase.io/jeroendedauw
Software craftsmanship advocate | Developer at Wikimedia Germany
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