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On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 4:47 PM Victoria Coleman <vcole...@wikimedia.org>

> Hi everyone.
> This is a time of important change for technology and the Wikimedia
> movement. We are evolving our platform to better support, grow, and prepare
> the movement for the future to realize our strategic goals of Knowledge as
> a Service and Knowledge Equity.
> Our vision is to host a different type of event in 2018 — to make informed
> decisions in the evolution of our platform while building our technical
> community engagement and enhancing our product vision. We want to be able
> to gather and discuss to determine our future direction and that of our
> shared platform; to communicate more broadly our product vision and to
> build a solid and stable base for our volunteer developer community. Future
> years will have have different focuses and themes.
> We also want to learn from our experiences during previous technically
> oriented events to improve our focus, enhance outcomes, and to give
> ourselves the time and space to have informed, substantive, and timely
> conversations — this all starts with the overall theme of the event.
> The January 2018 Developer Summit (in Berkeley, California) event had a
> broad goal to look at ways that technology can support our strategic
> direction. A concrete outcome of those discussions was acknowledging the
> need to evolve our core platform for the road ahead. In light of that
> outcome, we will hold future events with themes that reflect our evolving
> priorities and opportunities to support and enhance the Wikimedia movement
> with technology. Therefore, our next technical event will be focused on
> Platform Evolution.
> We will hold a 4 day conference with topics that pertain to the Platform
> Evolution goals that we want to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years with a
> shared understanding of the product vision around those goals while also
> enhancing technical engagement within the Foundation and embracing and
> empowering our large community of volunteer developers.
>    - Day 1: Product driven discussions on the how’s and why’s of our
>    shared goals.
>    - Day 2 & 3: A deep dive into specific technical ideas, concerns, and
>    outcomes around the newly formed Platform Evolution cross-departmental
>    program.
>    - Day 4: An unconference / ‘get stuff done’ format along with sessions
>    on building and sustaining our developer community.
> We are also moving the time of year that we’ll hold this new event. The
> previously established timeframe had been in January, typically adjacent to
> the annual Foundation All Hands gathering, to allow for co-location of
> events. However, feedback from both the DevSummit and All Hands
> participants indicates that both events need more time to accomplish their
> goals. All Hands is a once-a-year event that many teams use to come
> together, face to face, for working meetings; as well as the entire
> Foundation getting together for meetings. Going forward, we will decouple
> the DevSummit from All Hands, to give both gatherings the time and space
> that all attendees need to be productive and successful.
> This first of the event series will take place in Q2 of our fiscal year
> 2018-2019, in October 2018, and will be held in Portland, OR, USA. This
> timing was chosen to give us the opportunity to formulate plans, proposals,
> and programs in time for the Foundation annual planning cycle which starts
> in January 2019.
> Since we have a new focus and want to expand upon the successes of the
> Developer Summit events from years past — we will now call this gathering
> of like-minded technologists the Wikimedia Technical Conference (WM
> TechCon). Stay tuned for more information on the formation of the program
> committee and the participant’s selection process, as we are making quite a
> few changes based on the feedback collected from previous events.
> Make sure to follow the event’s mediawiki page
> <https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Technical_Conference/2018> for
> more details.
> Best wishes,
> Victoria Coleman
> Chief Technology Officer
> Wikimedia Foundation
> 1 Montgomery Street, Suite 1600
> San Francisco, CA 94104
> +1-650-703-8112
> vcole...@wikimedia.org
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