Hi all,

I have been working on libsocialweb and added several plugins to support
more web service providers, and I would like to contribute the code.
Here is my git tree:

It currently contains digg, myspace, plurk, sina microblog, and youtube,
I tested in my system, and they worked fine for me.

digg and myspace were included in libsocialweb before but removed due to
website API changes or being unmaintained, so I rewrote those two plugins.
For digg, it now uses digg v2 API and OAuth 1.0 for authentication.
For myspace, it now uses OpenSocial 1.0 API which provides status stream of
friends and better user experiences.

plurk, sina microblog, and youtube are the new plugins that have never been
in libsocialweb before, and I hope people who use those services can
enjoy those plugins :-)

Besides the code in my git tree, you may also need some patches for librest and
libsocialweb. I already filed them in bugzilla:

Any suggestion or feedback are welcome.

Best Regards,

Gary Lin
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