I'm not sure if this is appropriate to ask for or not but I was wondering
if there was anybody who would be happy to do a quick code review / code
feedback on my Fronius Solar module I have written  and give me some
feedback on it.

I have been working on this module for a while and I think I'm beginning to
not be able to see the trees for the forest.   It is NOT finished yet but
it does what I need it to do for the moment.

There's no unit tests though.  I haven't worked out how to do these for
dynamic data collected from APIs etc which could return anything.

Currently being unemployed and not having access to a development team I
don't get a chance to drop code in front of more experienced people and get
ideas from them.

The module should be able to be found at the following location.

Bonus Points if you have your own Fronius solar inverter and you can
actually run this code and retrieve data from it.

If it's not appropriate to ask that then feel free to ignore or point me in
the direction of somewhere that can help.

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