If you are worried about flat spots you can also lift your car up a few inches 
and put blocks under it to take the weight off the tires and wheel bearings. Or 
you can completely remove the tires and store them. Since its not really long 
term storage it won't hurt to just park it and keep it covered. This is what I 
do, so its suggestion only. Of course a oil change is recommended as well as a 
full gas tank and a additive to keep moisture out of your fuel system. 
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Subject: [MBZ] Short term storage

<<What is the best procedure for storing a diesel?

Just change the oil before putting it away.

<<Will the tires develop flat spots if I leave it parked 3 months in the
garage this winter?>>

Probably. Ten miles of driving will normalize them.

<<Should I take the battery into the warm house or leave it in the cold 
garage with a trickle charger.>

Not a trickle charger unless you want to kill the battery. Use a battery 

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