An appropriate serving of Rebel Yeal for the Boys.  I'll consume
Gentleman Jack.  They can wait for the Jack until their later years.

Prime Rib.  A good Vet could bring it back to life.  Turkey?  Why
would I consume  something that eats with it's pecker?

Homemade Mince Pie.  I cheat here, make the mincemeat with beef.  My
receipt calls for 1 qt. of brandy, I put some in the pie too!

Best to you all.............


Peter T. Arnold
Windsor, Connecticut  (3" of snow on ground)

1987 Mercedes 300SDL, 234 Kmi on Delvac1, changes when f-soot is 2%

1995 Ford F-250 W/PSD, 192 Kmi on Rotella @ 5 Kmi Changes

2002 PT Cruizer, 77 Kmi, Every 5 Kmi with what's on sale

1954 Metropolitan {My Hanger-Queen}

None use oil between changes, go figure ;-)

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