I splurged and bought a Lincoln Mig with the CO2 gar bottle and
controls.  This to fix sheet metal rust on my Metro

I am a decent stick welder.

All I got from the Mig was splatter, really looked like crap.  I left
it in a corner.

A trusted friend told me to try flux wire.  It worked 100% better!
Yes, it left slag to chip off but the weld was decent with
penetration.  Why?  The machine wasn't trying to melt as much wire.



Peter T. Arnold
Windsor, Connecticut

1987 Mercedes 300SDL, 234 Kmi on Delvac1, changes when f-soot is 2%

1995 Ford F-250 W/PSD, 192 Kmi on Rotella @ 5 Kmi Changes

2002 PT Cruizer, 77 Kmi, Every 5 Kmi with what's on sale

1954 Metropolitan {My Hanger-Queen}

None use oil between changes, go figure ;-)

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