Vehicle Snapshot
Vehicle 1996 Ford Truck F250 XLT
Body Style Unspecified
Country of Manufacture Canada

Vehicle History Checklist
Vehicle Description 2FTHF25F4TCA57549
Title Check No records found
Problem Check No records found
Odometer Check No records found
Vehicle Information Records found
Full History Records found

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 Vehicle Information
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 Vehicle History Records
We have searched the Experian Automotive National Vehicle Database of insurance, DMV, and auto auction information and found the following 21 records for this 1996 FORD TRUCK F250 XLT. Note the highlighted rows for potential issues that could affect the value of this vehicle.

Date Location Mileage Description
1996-07-15 phoenix, AZ  registration event/renewal
1996-07-16 AZ 15 title
1997-06-05 phoenix, AZ  registration event/renewal
1998-07-10 phoenix, AZ  registration event/renewal
1998-09-20 phoenix, AZ 50001 title
1999-06-15 phoenix, AZ  registration event/renewal
2000-06-15 phoenix, AZ  registration event/renewal
2001-06-15 phoenix, AZ 92000 passed emission inspection
2001-06-26 phoenix, AZ  registration event/renewal
2002-06-20 phoenix, AZ  passed emission inspection
2002-07-05 phoenix, AZ  registration event/renewal
2003-06-12 phoenix, AZ  passed emission inspection
2003-07-01 phoenix, AZ  registration event/renewal
2004-06-09 desert southwest region, 100932 reported at auto auction
2004-06-17 desert southwest region, 100932 reported at auto auction as dealer vehicle
2004-09-10 cottonwood, AZ  registration event/renewal
2004-09-12 cottonwood, AZ 100938 title
2005-07-26 AZ 130392 title
2005-07-26 AZ  registration event/renewal
2005-08-11 desert southwest region, 130392 reported at auto auction
2005-08-30 desert southwest region, 130392 auction announced as fleet/lease

Glossary of Descriptions Found for This Vehicle (full glossary)
Description Full Definition

Renewal Vehicle had registration renewal event reported by state DMV.
Title Vehicle had title registration event reported by state DMV.
Passed Emission Inspection Vehicle passed the state emission inspection.
Auction Odometer Reading Vehicle reported the vehicle's odometer reading is from auto auction.

Auction Announced as Fleet/Lease Auto Auction reported vehicle as fleet or lease.

Highlights from our Editors' Review of the 1990-96 Ford F-150
The following summary includes recall and trouble spot information for several model years of this vehicle. Only information labeled "1990-96" applies to this vehicle.

Consumer Guide Rating
Best Buy

Acceleration (V8), Passenger and cargo room, Trailer-towing capability

Fuel economy, Noise, Handling, Interior storage space
Road Test Scores
Performance 4
Fuel Economy 2
Ride Quality 3
Steering/Handling/Braking 3
Quietness 2
Controls/Materials 4
Interior Room 6
Room/Comfort (rear) 2
Cargo Capacity 2
Value within Class 5
(all scores out of 10)

NHTSA Safety Ratings
Front Impact, Driver 5
Front Impact, Passenger 5
(all scores out of 5)
Check with the seller to ensure that the recall work was completed on these items.

1990: Under certain conditions, snap ring may fracture and park gear would not engage.

1990: Supply and return fuel lines may be crossed on some trucks.

1990-91: Brake fluid may overheat, diminishing braking effectiveness.

1990-91: Ignition switch could short-circuit and overheat, causing smoke and possible fire.

1990-93: Portion of unused fuel from one tank may be returned to the second, causing spillage.

1992: Sound insulation can contact exhaust manifold.

1992: Door latch may malfunction in below-freezing temperatures.

1992-94: Parking-brake pawl can slip; brake might not hold.

1993: Transfer case can slip out of 4x4 high gear during coasting or with power applied in reverse.

1993: Fuel-pressure regulator in the fuel system can wear out during the life of the vehicle, causing high-fuel system pressure.

1994: Airbag and its warning light might not function; or, airbag might deploy when passenger door is slammed while key is turned to start position.

1994-95: Wiring harness for power lumbar support could overheat, leading to melting, smoke, or possible ignition of surrounding materials.

1996: Certification label shows incorrect rear-tire-inflation pressure.

1996: Undersized fasteners on a few trucks can separate, causing fuel-tank strap to become disconnected.

 Trouble Spots
Check for these possible problems when test-driving and inspecting this vehicle.

Alternator belt: If the accessory drive belt on 4.9-liter engines chirps, the pulley for the power steering may be misaligned on the pump or the A/C compressor may have to be repositioned. If the belt squeals, the automatic tensioner must be replaced. (1990-94)

Automatic transmission: The transmission may slip and the engine may flare when the transmission shifts into fourth gear, which can often be traced to a bad TR/MLP sensor. (1994-95)

Automatic transmission: If the transmission does not shift from second to third, the valve body separator plate may be distorted. (1990-94)

Ball joints: If water gets into the ball joints, they will wear out early and have to be replaced. (1990-96)

Hard starting: Hesitation, miss, stumble, no-start, or stalling could be due to a short in the wiring harness for the powertrain control module (PCM). (1993-95)

Hard starting: If the engine does not start or cranks for a long time then stalls, the idle air control valve may be sticking. (1995-96)

Manual transmission: On trucks with a diesel engine, the clutch may not release due to a leaking slave cylinder. (1993-95)

Suspension problems: The front leaf springs are prone to sag over time and must be replaced. (1991-94)

Suspension problems: Front tire cupping is common with Twin Axle suspension. Often new springs will help, but sometimes other suspension parts must also be replaced. Regular alignment is crucial. (All)

Vehicle noise: A chattering noise that can be felt coming from the rear during tight turns after highway driving is caused by a lack of friction modifier or over-shimming of the clutch packs in the Traction-Lok differential. (1990-96)

Vehicle noise: Loose frame rivets should be replaced with bolts (welding is not approved). (1990-96)

 Repair Costs
Wondering what it will cost to fix this car if something goes wrong? Here are some commonly repaired items on all cars and how much it would cost to fix each item on a 1990-96 Ford F-150/250 Pickup. (Note: this information is general and does not represent repairs that the specific vehicle listed may require.)

Commonly Repaired Item Typical Replacement Cost
A/C Compressor $395
Alternator $290
Automatic Transmission or Transaxle $560
Brakes $295
Clutch, Pressure Plate, Bearing $515
Exhaust System $375
Radiator $425
Shocks and/or Struts $160
Timing Chain or Belt $200
Universal Joints $175

 Important Disclaimers
While Consumer Guide® makes every effort to present complete and accurate information, a Consumer Guide® Vehicle History Report is not a guarantee of the quality of any used vehicle. There could be other problems with this vehicle that have not been reported to Consumer Guide® or Experian. Please read our full disclaimer.

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