Werner wrote:


"Wow!  replacing so many parts that for most last around 200k miles

either odd or the previous owner was obsessive about maintenance.

like this is as close to "new" that you can get in a used car...."


I agree that many of the parts seem premature. I asked him about this.
He said he bought the car three years ago with 76,000 miles.  He said he
always wanted a LWB 126 and set about turning it into a perfect car.  He
and his wife quit their old jobs and started (are you ready for this) a
church organ business. Isn't that wild?   At any rate, he said his
business has taken off and he is traveling to construction sites and
trying to use his wife's mini-van for hauling stuff.  So, he is
replacing the benz with an SUV that can haul and tow and drive around
construction sites with pipe-organ parts.  


He said when he started the suspension work, he was just going to do
shocks. He ended up rebuilding the entire suspension because if you are
going to do part of it, you might as well do it all.  Great philosophy
for a previous owner (I mean great for me). 


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