Someone complained about the dead cars in the neighborhood (ther are a
lot of us slackers with cars we're working on - slowly). There is a
city ordinance that requires all un operating cars must be in an
"enclosed structure". My garage was converted to a much needed room
many years ago, so I'm working in the drive.
They left me a notice (and mailed a certified letter) telling me to
remove the dead car by 1/17 or they will tow it away at my expense
UNLESS I worked something out with the code enforcement people.
So I calle dthem, ready to fight, and got this sweet sounding,
reasonable woman who seemed to understand my claim of slowly
rebuilding an old Mercedes, as funds allowed. We negotiated 3/31 as a
possible date. It either has to be running, or at least look like it
could by then. I get to cal back and either clear the deal up, or get
another extension.
At least my honey knows what my to-dos are for the next two months!

The more I think about it's not being able to burn biodiesel, and it's
16 mpg, and the price of fuel, the more I think it'll be up for sale
after I get the rebuilt engine in it. Driving it again might change my
mind, we'l have to see.

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> Im interested in the city and your SLC, lets here this story.

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