Got the om606 to the shop which was able to get the #5 GP out. Not mushroomed. REALLY coked up. Seems the idiot dealer (Rasmusson?) who replaced it did not get it fully seated and it sat up taller in the head than the rest. This allowed carbon up into the threads and got it stuck. Really had to crank on it to get it out, but it came out. Plug is very dead.

ANYWAY, the 606 is direct injection, so no pre chamber. The folks at Frybrid (Chris Goodwin) are going to try to clean out all the carbon in the glow plug area when they replace them. The intake is just thick with carbon, and #5 is about a 1/2 inch thick all around.

Why is this? EGR is dumping a bunch of carbon, but did all this come about recently? With #5 dead, it has been hard to start and smoking at start about as bad as Gump. This is less than a month of hard start, so I am amazed if this results in one month.

Fellow at the shop was not sure that diesel purge would do a thing for it. May be using a nice wire brush and brake cleaner or oven cleaner to wash that stuff out. Bet it runs like a burnt cat

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